6 Interesting Facts of Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani-National-Geo-Park-Haveyou ever heard 7 Summits ? Rinjani Mountain includes7The highest peak mountain in the world. Not only in the world, Indonesia has seven summits from Sumatra to Papua.If you are traveller, Rinjani Mountain creadible for climbing because Rinjani Mountain has 3,726 m above sea level and Rinjani Mountain is the third highest mountain in Indonesiaafter Jaya WijayaMountain in Papuaand KerinciMountain, Sumatra. Its a first interesting facts of Rinjani.

Second, Rinjani is onethe most beautiful mountain in Indonesia which is very famous over the country even the world. The beauty of Rinjani Mountain can notbe separated by the presence of Segara Anak Lake which is located atan altitude of 2,008 m above sea level. On the side of the lake has an area of 1,100 ha, it is a favoriteplaceclimbers to take rest. They canspent days for camping and fishing inthis region. On another side of the lakewhich is believed as the place of Dewi Anjani’s funeral, beside Rinjani Mountain there is a mountain, Barujari Mountain. The mountain peaks are reflected byperfect on the surface of the lake.

3. Exoticism in the Rinjani Mountainisundescripable, landscape of Rinjani is so amazing. As we know that, Rinjani Mountain is located intransition zone imaginary line, Walacea, which separates the flora andfauna into two parts. In placethe flora and fauna of tropical Asia meetwith Australianflora and fauna. Deer, birds, monkey,pangolin, an example of faunawhich can be found in this place.Rinjani Mountain is coveredby rain forest ecosystems, there is savannaand decorated by edelweiss.

4. Rinjani Mountain is mount the beach. Savannaare beautiful view beside Rinjani Mountain. Savana will accompany your journey to reach the top of Rinjani. The weather is very hot and you may use heat. Therefore you must bring hat and sunblock while you are climbing at the mountain Rinjani.

5. Mount Rinjani has a specialized managers which is deal to solve the problem of climbing, RinjaniTracking Management Board (RTMB).RTMB is managed by the government an partners and involve an active rolelocal communities. Because the management is good, Rinjani Mountainbecome a special interest tours and exploration of the mountain with the Best management in Southeast Asia.So for the beginner climber who want to climb Rinjani do not need to worry, because there are many TNGR postal services of a guide, porters, cooks, equipment rentalofficial. You simply prepare yourself and physically as well without prepare equipment and logistics.

6. Not only the best governance in Southeast Asia,Rinjani Mountain for several times get because it was considered of successfuldevelopment into tourist attractions based ecological andsociety. World awardhas accepted Rinjani Mountain for example is World Legacy Award forDestination Stewardship from Conservation International and National Geographic Traveler In 2004, then in 2005TNGR become the big 3 for categoryDestination Award from the World Travel &Tourism Council, while in 2007 a finalist Tourism.

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