7 Miracles from Rinjani Mountain

Segara Anak Rinjani MountainEveryone knows that Rinjani Mountain is an extremely fascinating natural heritage. Everyoneand climbers want to enjoy all the beauty of the mountain. Here we have 7 exciting privileges from Rinjani Mountain. There is so much natural beauty in the Lombok Island, marine natural beauty along the vast stretches, and the natural beauty of the Rinjani Mountain.

Rinjani Mountain is the second highest volcano in Indonesia with 3,726 masl. People take advantage of the natural preservation of the surrounding mountains, for example is they are fishingand stay overthere.
Rinjani Mountain has become a national park located in the main transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of Southeast Asia is a dramatic transition could be categorized as a kind of Australian. Lets discuss 7 miracle from Rinjani Mountain.

Rinjani Trekker Mountain1. Rinjani Mountain has three caves
There are three of the most famous caves such as: Goa Susu (Milk cave), cave paying, and cave beads. Milk cave is an ideal spot from which milk is usually used for a place of meditation. In this cave there is a cave with water dripping from the tip of the rock which looks like a nipple.Inside of the cave there is lots of smoke, the smoke looks like smoke in the kitchen.

2. Rinjani Mountain has a hot water bath
In Rinjani there is hot water which is used for treatment by many people. Some people say that the water has many benefits. Water baths familiar called AikKalak which means hot water toovercome various diseases.

rinjani-trek-aik-kalak3. Crater Lake SegaraAnak
Segara is another term to refer to the children of the sea. Lake SegaraAnak means that this lake which is a continuation of the flow of water in the sea. Some people said, the lake has many mysteries and supernatural powers. Residents believe that the spirits of the ancestors exist in this lake.

4. Local Strawberry
When you are climbingRinjani Mountain, you will see so many exciting scener, for example is strawberry garden. Local strawberry garden in the Rinjani Mountain looks so pretty. Another plan is roses. Strawberry can be eaten when the climbers while they are hungry and thirsty.

The Beautifull of Rinjani Mountain Edelweiss5. Flower Eternity (Edelweiss)
Myths about Edelweiss) can only grow in the vicinity of RinjaniMountain. In fact, the citizens believe that these plants will not die, because Edelweisshas ancestral spirits.

6. The peak of RinjaniMountain
In addition the beautiful natural scenery can be looked at from the end of the top Rinjani Mountain, even the mythssaid that in the top of mountain there is a DewiAnjani, who is the queen of the jinn in Rinjani Mountain.


Mount-rinjani-trekking7. BaruJari Mount
BaruJariis the name of the new mountain whichappears in the middle of SegaraAnak. Residents believe that this mountain is the center of RinjaniMountain. That is why, if the mountain erupted will not harm the citizens, unless the eruption came from the top of Rinjani.
Seven facts about RinjaniMountainare so special and attractive with myths and beliefs.

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