Bulayak Satay

bulayak-satayThe exact form of foods like satay in general. Meanwhile, the bulayak name is the name of a type of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves or palm leaves, elongated like a spiral. Open to circulate motion.

What distinguishes esta culinary satay skewers With Lombok in overall is not that spice flavors blended perfectly With The Sasak spices. The same Applies to bulayaknya Because wrapped in palm leaves That Makes feel different and distinctive scent as well.

Sate bulayak derived from Narmada District of West Lombok, but along With The hereditary and business competence development, now bulayak satay find many attractions of Lombok.

Price one serving satay bulayak IDR 15 thousand, Depending on the Increase in meat prices. The price negotiable, along With The Entire community of traders bulayak satay in NTB. So do not worry, the client is not drawn at a great price by the seller.

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