Mulang Pekelem Ceremony

rinjani-ceremony-mulang-pekelemMulang Pekelem ceremony in Segara Anak Lake at Gunung Rinjani began in the midle of 18th century, it beginning with the occurrence of drought (jeleng) in a very long drought in Lombok island are confusing farmers and Subak, it followed by crop failure and outbreaks of disease, so many people died that cause suffering on the island of Lombok are endless.

On that time Lomboks was ruled by King AA Ketut Karangasem Anglurah feel very sad, confused and panic would be the disaster that struck. To Responding that situation in Gunung Sari on Tileming Sasih Kapat (15 days before the new moon Sasih Fifth) in 1701, the clergy held praying and meditating for asking a helper to Hyang Widhi Wasa (God), at that’s times, the clergy got an answering by god, Hyang Widhi Wasa (God) odering all people to make and implement Yadnya Mulang Pekelem in Segara Anak Lake at Gunung Rinjani on Fifth Sasih Purnamaning to restore a happiness, wellness and balance of the universe in tupacara-adat-mulang-pekelem-imagehe earth of Lombok island. After implemented of Yadnya (holy sacrifice) the raining come from the sky, and the farmers could start planting and make their live back to the normal situation.

Since that time Mulang Pekelem ceremony in Segara Anak Lake at Rinjani mountaintis always held every year on the fifth sasih Purnama (November) to invoke fertility and rain in order way to obtain the balance of nature in order to manifest prosperity from God. To held the Pekelem ceremony used are metal, Gold, Silver, Copper, which is like a shrimp animal which are a symbols of the Word, Peripihan (thin slabs) which are a symbol Bayu, Nyalian Fish which are a symbol Eyelash, Empas or Kura which are a symbol of Earth, which is equipped with poultry. so the ceremony Mulang Pekelem could make of Grace. The Mulang Pekelem holy sacrifice to implemented in Segara Anak Lake on Rinjani Mount therefore places that have the criteria contained in the scriptures. On this basis ceremony laden with various rituals performed as a form Sradha and Bhakti to God Almighty.

In the Dutch colonialism era in Lombok, Yadnya ceremony was banned, but because of the drought long back in the Lombok island and Subak irrigation system chaosed then the ceremonys held back by the Dutch government and passed by the government of the Republic to the present annual basis as part activities in the framework of the implementation of the government program development efforts irrigation / water control system on the Lombok island. As executor of ceremony at Rinjani Mount chose a Balinese are Hindu.

the Implementation of Mulang Pekelem ceremony held annually at the time before the growing season or rainy season, when the shone moon full (Purnama) on Fifth sasih, calculated based on the lunar system (Lunar system), when viewed in the Gregorian calendar system will range between end of week on October and weeks to 2 or 3 months to November. For the implementation of this Yadnya ceremony takes approximately 1 (one) week. ranging from climbing to fall back.

mulang-pekelem-rinjani-ceremonyThe Place of ceremony at Segara Anak Lake area of Mount Rinjani. To make easy the older climber for participants and supplies transport and infrastructure ceremony, the climbing starts from Torean village, parrots subdistrict and stop in the Senaru village of Bayan subdistrict.

The Ngepik / Nanggluk ceremony held on Moaning at the beach and conducted three months after the Mulang Pekelem ceremony precisely on Tileming Sasih Kawulu, this ceremony was held at sea because the people believed that the source of everything good and bad it from the sea.

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