Pergasingan Hill, Alternative Climbing in Mount Rinjani


Photo By. Mr Landscape Kaskus

Mount Rinjani is also one of the highest mountains in Indonesia like a magnet that attracts domestic and foreign mountaineers. At 3,726 meters above sea level, climbers can use the hiking trail through Sembalun and Senaru.

But there is a place that became popular in East Lombok, precisely at the foot of Mount Rinjani in the village Sembalun. A hill called Pergasingan with its peak altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level (masl).The top of  hill is expressed as a haven to watch the sea landscape at sunrise and views of Mount Rinjani at sunset. In addition, from this peak is also obtained views of the valley which is filled patches of green rice fields and settlements.

Pergasingan hill is still in the footsteps of Mount Rinjani. It is a complex that was once part of the Mount Samalas, Supervolcano that erupted explosively in the year 1257. According to the recent research scientists said that the eruption Samalas was two times more powerful than the eruption of Mount Tambora.

Hilltop reached by trekking from village Sembalun. Trip hike starts from an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. So there is a 700 meter journey that must be taken to the top of the contour of the slope of the path between 20-70 degrees. The ascent takes traveled for 3 hours. To be able to pursue the moment of sunrise, the climbers are advised begin the journey at 3.


Photo By. Mr. Landscape Kaskus

There are plenty of guides and porters professionals, who are ready to accompany hospitality ascent to the summit of this hill. In the village there are also many home stay Sembalun that affordable and clean. From home stay, it can be scraped variety of information about the climb.

From the village of Lawang Sembalun, climbers can go to the door of the jungle and also using motorcycle taxis or renting a car pickup. With climbing terrain that only steep in the beginning, the scenery offered by this hill is very diverse ranging from rice fields that make up the pattern of Mount Rinjani, village settlements Sembalun and up hills landscape.

Climbers will be facilitated with a round of 105 pieces before climbing on a rocky dirt track. Path with a slope ranging from 60-70 degrees greeted the climbers. Field at the beginning of the climb in the form of a ridge on the left and the right there is a steep ravine.

Arriving at the top of the hill Pergasingan, it is spacious enough endless savannas. From the top one, Mount Rinjani stands proudly against the sky. A large pool of water next to the vegetable garden is visible from the top of one.

In addition to the summit, hikers can to the top two within about 1.5 kilometers from the point of the first stop. The path taken is inclined ramps and passes through tropical forests overgrown with grass. And across a row of evergreen trees that grow in the hills of the mountain. After a barren hill climbing without trees, the canopy of the forest simply create shade from the sun. At the end of a lane, two endless peaks overgrown with grass. Pergasingan Hill climbing can be reached in two days one night trip. Ideally the climbers catch the sunrise in the eastern horizon that will directly arise from the sea.

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