Rinjani Trekking Package For 2 days 1 Night

trek-rinjani-segara-anak-lake-imagesRinjani trekking package via Senaru will take 2 days 1 night. Actually it will not take until the peak of Mount Rinjani, since it will reach the Rim of Rinjani. It is like the mountainside of Mount Rinjani. Well, when we take a look at the time we will spend, of course it is far enough to get on the peak of Mount Rinjani. Do not worry, it is still acceptable when you reach that place. Just be ready to get an eyes-wide.

Senaru itself is the rim of Mount Rinjani which becomes one of popularRinjani trekking routefrom Rinjani trekking package. This route is has inclines without respite, but you will find clear air and cool weather because this route will pass forest. It will take about 7 hours from this place to reach the lips of mountain which has 2.641 meters dpl (arrive at Pelawangan Senaru). You will find beautiful scenery of the Lake and all around you. I bet your eyes will get wide as soon as you are in the way of Rim Senaru, since you will find many fauna all around you such as birds, butterflies, and monkeys. Smile widely as soon as you see flora such as orchids, local strawberry, edelweiss, and many others in front of your eyes along your way. Rainforest from the gate of Senaru Trees to pos 3 will accompany your trekking.

In this route of Rinjani trekking package, the starting of Rinjani trekking point will be from Senaru RTC (Rinjani Trekking Center) which is 601 meters dpl to Pelawangan Senaru/Rim which is 2.641 meters dpl. From this route you will pass through from coffee plantation, cocoa plantation, and hedge of bamboo which is quite open before you reach the trees gate. It will take about 25 to 30 minutes. After that you will enter the rainforest and flora fauna as its habitant will welcome you. It is about 2 hours until you reach pos2 (1.500 meters). To reach pos3 which is 2.000 meters in high, you will need 2 hours in trekking. Alone the way, there are many floras which welcome your arrival.

Here is the place where you need to take a rest while having your lunch. It will be good if you have guide and porters with you, because they will cook for you. The next destination is of course Pelawangan Senaru which is 2.641 meters in high. You will need 2 hours until you reach this place from pos3. Approximately you will reach Pelawangan Senaru in 5 p.m. Just relax while set up your tent and be ready for the sunset.

Talk about the package, what will you get when you purchase this Rinjani trekking package?This package is included shuttle, Rinjani trekking guide, porters, food supplies during trekking, equipments (such as tent, toilet tent, sleeping bags, and mattress), entrance ticket to Mount Rinjani, and trekking certificate (on request). What does not include are plane ticket, small back for trekking, trekking shoes, warm clothes/jacket, headlamp/flashlight, trousers, additional porter to bring your private things, and tips.

I hope this information about Rinjani trekking package will guide you in choosing package wisely.

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