Rinjani Trekking Package For 4 Days 3 Night

rinjani-trekking-package-imageRinjani trekking package via Sembalun is starting from Lombok International Airport or lembar harbor, and it will be ending to Sembalun village. This package is approximately as far as 3.726 Meters.  Sembalun itself is sub district of Lombok regency which is located in Nusa Tenggara Barat. The villages are in the Sembalun sub district has a height ranging between 800-1200 meters above sea level. Mileage from each village is relatively close to the district capital, which is the farthest from the people and the people Bilok Petung Sajang to 6 km and 15 km away. While the nearest village of the district capital Sembalun 0.025 km (25 m) away, because the district office is in this village.

It is Rinjani trekking tour that will start from Sembalun whichis away throughthecrowded, especiallyby people who love in doing trekking. This Rinjani trekking package stars from GateSembalun ofmacePelawanganRinjanipeakSembalunwhich needs 9-10 hour inconsuming. Thistrekis very dramaticand impressive and you will routethrough thesavannahanddorsalzigzag withthe gapinleft and right lane. Different from theroute of Senaru,the path for trekking is not steep, but since itis dominated bysavanna the temperature around it is kind of extreme. You willdrench in sweatfrom the heatof the sun,(lower temperatures, but sunlight directly burns the skin, sunlight creamis much suggested). Although it is kind of suffering, it allwill be forgotand relievedwhen youspellboundbeautiful views ofmeadows andlarge gapforestgreen valleyin the eastof MountRinjani, evenyour eyesare spoiledby the beautyof the island ofSumbawanarrowpedestalfrom a distance,after reachingtop ofRinjaniyou can relaxwhile enjoying thenatural scenery andproud to haveset foot inoneroofinIndonesiaand simultaneouslycreates a senseof wonder atGod’s creation.

The Rinjani trekking route which is undercover by Rinjani trekking package are first, of course you need to be in Lombok for being Transfered to Hotel (D). In the second day, trekking will be start from Senaru village to Sembalun village (1.051.m dpl) and then to Pelawangan Sembalun (2.639.m dpl). The third day, the trekking will continue from Pelawangan Sembalu (2.639m dpl) to Rinjani Summit (3.726m dpl) and then come back again to Sembalun Village (1.051m dpl ) before you will be transferd to Senggigi Hotel. For the last day, of course you will trip to International Airport, but before that you will get Lombok tour as the last memory in Lombok.

Sometime people pay too much attention to what is included in the package. Therefore, this Rinjani trekking package will cover such as shuttle, 2 days in hotel befre and after trekking, Rinjani trekking guide, food supplies during trekking, equipments (tent, toilet tent, sleeping bag, and matras), entrance ticket of Mount Rinjani, and trekking certificate (on request). In suggestion, please consider your own heath before do trekking.

For detail this package, Please open our Rinjani Trekking Package Menu in Above this website. Or Email me at husnirinjani@yahoo.com or contact at +6281907656120 For fast respons. Dont forget to up to date on the latest articles from Mt Rinjani Trekking Site, and check out other articles about Park And Landcapes Around Gunung Rinjani. Look forward to hear from you.


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