Rinjani trekking packages, for those who loveof adventure / hiking, especiallytrekkingcertainly knowsand has thedesire to try conquering the peak ofMountRinjani. Mount Rinjani belongs to one ofthe highestvolcano inIndonesia which is compulsoryvisited by loversof adventure tourismand adventureIndonesia. MountRinjaniis locatedon the island ofLombokwhich is one of island in Nusa Tenggara Barat and NTB itself belongs to Indonesia.

For your information MountRinjani, as administrative says,is the secondhighest volcano inIndonesiawiththe highnessup to3726 metersabove thesea.Both from the slopesandsummitsof MountRinjaniwe cansee MountAgunginBali. In Lombok there are 3 dykesknowGiliTrawangan, GiliMenoandGiliAir, and of course you cannot miss the lakeSegaraAnakand MountBaruJariwhich has adistinctivenatural beauty ofthe mountains beside Mount Rinjani. Besidesmountain sceneryand 3famousdykesinLombok,fromthe slopesandsummitsof MountRinjaniwe also got tosee the sightswere very spaciousand mostof the island ofLombok whichis still beautifulandnatural.Because ofthis landscapemanydomestic andoverseastouristsdo Rinjanitrekking. As human natural law, they are nature themselves.

Trekking Mount Rinjani now is becoming famous for many touris, both domestic and oversea. There are many service which offers Rinjani trekking package. The package may vary based on how long the trekking will be proceeding and what kind of service that you choose.

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2 days /1 nite Trek to Crater Rim (Plawangan 1 – 2,640m) via Senaru Village Package

2 days / 1 nite to Mt. Rinjani Peak (3,762m) via Sembalun Village

3 days / 2 nites Trek to Mt. Rinjani Peak via Senaru Village

4 days / 3 nites Trek to Mt. Rinjani Peak via Sembalun Lawang Package

This is all the information about Rinjani trekking package. Make sure when you want to take a package, I suggestthat you need tobe aged12-55years (Indonesia) in healthyphysical condition. Noblowndisease, coronaryheart disease,high blood pressure,Vertigoindicationof the diseaseand dangerous. I hope you will enjoy your trekking and this information will be helpful for you. Thank You

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