Rinjani Trekking Souvenirs

rinjani-souvenir Pearls are the unique and origin Rinjani trekking souvenirs, freshwater pearls are pearls are grown in non-saline environments in freshwater mussels. Shape and freshwater pearl price Lombok, what is the most desirable?

Freshwater cultured pearls are rarely perfectly spherical or almost spherical, often oval even baroque (irregular), shaped like a snail or wings. Lombok shape freshwater pearls are almost unanimously is the most desirable form.

Five main elements that determine the price of Lombok, especially freshwater pearls in strand freshwater pearl necklaces which pearl are priced according to the conditions of size, shape, luster, color and nacre.

Diameter: bigger, the more expensive the price of freshwater pearls
Shapes: round, the more expensive the price of freshwater pearls.
Sparkle: the shining, the better and certainly more expensive the price of freshwater pearls
Color: the color of rare is more expensive. White, pink and lavender are the most common.
Nacre: thicker nacre will be better so it will be more expensive the fresh water pearls

Use a damp cloth gently to clean pearls (to avoid scratches) Never use abrasives or harsh cleaning Keep pearls of sunlight and away from heating to keep moisture Wait a minute in order to make-up, perfumes, aerosol or skin care product to dry before wearing Your pearls. Remove your pearls before bathing, swimming, washing your hands because water will blur your pearl luster

Although traditional sources of pearl is the oyster pearl sea water, but the freshwater mussels that live in ponds, lakes and rivers, can also produce pearls. However, Freshwater Pearls comes in many shapes and natural colors, and Freshwater Pearls capsicum tend to be cheaper than sea water pearls, this is what makes Freshwater Pearls Lombok is very popular in young people and designer jewelry Freshwater Pearls Lombok. Freshwater pearls Lombok has solid nacre, and freshwater pearls chili are also quite durable.

Rinjani-Trekking-SouvenirsWhat Makes Freshwater Pearls Lombok Different?

Freshwater pearls from pearl Lombok different from other pearl cultivation, that most of them do not have a nucleus beads. Nucleated freshwater mollusks are made by making a small incision in the fleshy mantle tissue of freshwater pearl mussels aged 6 to 12 months, then inserting a piece of mantle tissue from a donor mussel (3 mm).

Benefits of pearl apart as it turns pearl jewelry can be used to make beauty products. Believed to be the pearl beauty care since thousands of years ago. Glow with a beautiful face and exudes a charming aura is a dream for all women. Pearls are processed as beauty products can have anti-ultraviolet function. Pearl beads on the surface of the pearl fiber has the ability to absorb water again and convenient to use. Cosmetic products are using pearls as the base material has the ability to eliminate heat and toxins, soften the skin, cleans spots and reduce wrinkles.

Besides pearl beads are used as beauty products are also efficacious for the treatment of other diseases such as: body itching, dry cough, etc. In today’s modern world pearl beads are also used for pharmaceutical and medical world to make drugs.

So if you come to Rinjani and Lombok, you should buy Freshwater Pearls Lombok as one of Rinjani trekking souvenirs.

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