Spiritual Place at Rinjani Mountain

The sun rises in the east early‚ But the calm situation usually look up at Rinjani Mountain‚ Lombok Island‚ West Nusa Tenggara‚ Indonesia. All of the peoples was not at home‚ At this time‚ The peoples come to Jagad Dewanata’s Pura. In this place‚ Peoples listening to Kidung Pangruwat Bumi for saved all of wishes and ambition by give Jaga Dewanata a holy dances. This ritual was the beginning of Yadna Mulang Pekelem and Bumi Sudha( Prayer for budha’s religion) ‚ This ritual came in the fifth full moon at Segare Anak near with Rinjani Mountain.

This ritual done one time in every 5 years‚ and it included a big ritual for Hinduism in Lombok Island‚ The people not also came in from Lombok but also came in from Bali‚ Jawa‚ And Kalimantan. This ritual was reflection from tri hita concept‚ This concept based to give a holy sacrifice for cleaning the sin and the forces of evil. It made human life harmonisly with nature forest. Although‚ various natural disasters came in for a few time‚ It caused this ritual important to done. The fact‚ The Mulang Pekelem and Bumi Sudha ritual was tired trip to done‚ and make you to waste time‚ Think and extra energy. The real situation those were You must hiking for 3 days to arrived to Segare Anak as central of ritual at Sasak Etnic.

Rinjani Mountain was the third highest mountain in this country‚ The highest reaching of gunung rinjani was 3.726 meters from surface sea. For Hinduism‚ Rinjani Mountain have a highest spiritual values‚ Magic‚ Hieratic as Himalaya Mountain in India‚ or Semeru Mountain in Semeru at Java Island. It as a place that have a high Vibe innocence‚ Those place was location for the gods meeting to give the gift of life. on those location‚ the vegetation and animals leaves with vitalities‚ It is believes caused of energy from Sang Gunung (Mountain)‚ the Water from lake Segare Anak irrigated all of field in Lombok Island and to be source of energy and life’s for sasakness.

Reputedly. The purity of Rinjani Mountain believed (Hinduism) from XVI century‚ At this moment‚ The first ritual of Yadna Mulang Pekelem and Bumi Sudha. At the time‚ Kingdom of Karang Asem drought stricken result of drought and pestilence‚ Faced with this disaster‚ the King of Karangasem Anglurah prayed and meditated in Gunung Sari. In his father, King got a whisper to perform Yajna Sudha and return to Earth on Fifth Month a full moon Pekelem in Lake Segara Anak , Rinjani Miraculously, after the ritual was held , it rained on the earth and bring blessings to the local community health.

Since then, the ceremony still passed the Hindus in Lombok until now‚ Compliance and absolute loyalty over their life more glorious beyond human life make them maintain this tradition . They are willing to sacrifice both physically and mentally in order to obtain a nearby spot in the middle of the earth. Indeed, it was all done in order to feel the sanctity of Sang Hyang Widi Wassa shakes.

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