The Beautifull of Rinjani Mountain Edelweiss

Did you know The Beautifull of Rinjani Mountain Edelweiss? You usually listent about seven summits in the world‚ or 7 highest mountain in the world based of location. Not only in the world‚ In Indonesia also have seven summit that you could find out started from Sumatera Island until Papua Island. If you want hiking‚ Travelling‚ And adventure for seven summit in Indonesia. So‚ You must came in into Rinjani Mountain. The hiker and the traveler must went to Rinjani because Rinjani Mountain is the third of seven summit in Indonesia. The first position was Kerinci Mountain at Sumatera and the second position was Jaya Wijaya Mountain at Papua. The height of Rinjani Mountain it was about 3.726 meters from the sea‚ And if you not a professional hiker or travel you would be proud if you gone to Rinjani Mountain‚ When would you standing up at third mountain in Indonesia? So. Come on.

Rinjani Mountain was the forest mountain way‚ but it has millions beautiful panorama‚ started from the amazing forest‚ Waterfall‚ and until the lake of Segare Anak. If we talk about Rinjani‚ we need so many times to do it. One thing that you could not to forgot if you hiking or traveling to Rinjani Mountain‚ There was a beautiful Edelweiss Ala Rinjani.

Rinjani Mountain safe many beautiful panorama‚ Started from rinjani mountain itself‚ lake of Segare Anak‚ and the waterfalls among the mountain until the amazing forest there. Edelweiss was one part of the beautiful panorama would find out if you go to Rinjani Mountain. It’s exactly made Rinjani Mountain as a place to saw Edelweiss in Indonesia‚ Besides in Tegal Alun (Papandayan Mountain) ‚ Alun- Alun Surya Kencana and Mandalawangi (Gede Pangrango Mountain). Edelweiss itself was some kind of flower‚ In Latin language‚ it named Anaphalis Javanica. It could grow up especially at mountain or the highest mountain‚ the thousand meter from the sea‚ It usually has a little flower and white‚ The drying flower of Edelweiss can life for long time‚ It caused Edelweiss as a symbol of immortality. For a couple‚ it was be favorite flower‚ because if you bring those flower and you gave to you honey or boy/girlfriend‚ it could make your pair be surely with your love. If you did not believed‚ let’s tried…!!!

The-Beautifull-of-Rinjani-EdelweissIf you hiking or traveling from Sembalun Lawang Way‚ the Hiker or traveler would find out Edelweiss flower started from the third pos‚ It was about 1.800 meter from the sea. When we neares with the camp area at Plawangan Sembalun‚ This flower would meet anymore‚ The fatigue when you started to hiking or traveling was loosed caused of saw Edelweiss flower‚ although we walk so far away‚ we never care about it.

The better moment when you trip to back home from Rinjani Mountain was when the sun will raise‚ You would admire the beautiful panorama of Edelweiss flower‚ Because this time was as good time to saw Edelweiss flower‚ Started from when it grow up near with the cliff‚ or Edelweiss flower expanse of desert that some are even still in the form of new shoots grow.

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