Waterfalls Behind Of Rinjani Mountain

sendang-gile-waterfallWe know that rinjani was interested place in the world‚ But did you know that? behind of a panorama Rinjani Mountain‚ There are so many waterfall‚ If you don’t know let’s read happiness about all of waterfalls behind of Rinjani Mountain.

Exactly‚ If you as hiker and you go to Rinjani Mountain‚ You did not care about waterfalls behind of it‚ because you were so tired to go there and of course you never think about wonderful place like waterfall. Beside that‚ there was no general transportation to go to the amazing waterfalls‚ like bus or personal car‚ we only find out motorcycle rent to go there. So‚ you must have friend if you did not want to expand your money anymore. There are three way to go to Rinjani Mountain. The first one was Sembalun’s way‚ the second one was Senaru’s way and the last one was Torean’s way. You have double profit if you went hiking by Torean street‚ because in this street‚ you can find out 4 waterfalls in between 8 waterfalls behind of Rinjani Mountain. There are Penimbungan waterfall‚ Aik Genit waterfall‚ Pancor Mas waterfall‚ and the last one is Panas Dingin Goa Susu waterfall. And we will explain to you one by one of amazing waterfall in behind of Rinjani Mountain.

1. Sendang Gile (a Crazy Lion) waterfall Senaru North Lombok.

The first of the amazing waterfall was Sendang Gile  waterfall. Long time ago there was a lion mess a village of Senaru and when the human was looking for a crazy lion‚ Exactly‚ accidently the human find out waterfall in forest. Therefore‚ The human call that waterfall as Sendang Gile or a Crazy Lion. The high of this waterfall was 32 meters‚ and if you want go there‚ you just need 11 minute time by stairs‚ because you could not go by any transportation to go to the waterfall.

2. Tiu Kelep waterfall, Senaru, North lombok.

We did not need to waste time if you want go to Tiu Kelep waterfall‚ because it was near with Sendang Gile waterfall‚ Both of them was one location‚ And we could came in to these waterfall by one door. There is in front of Galng Ijo tomb‚ Visitor must pass a way a tunnel water to go to this waterfall‚ It made an amazing sensation when we must take care to walk‚ and we only use a torch light. Prepare your mentality if you want to go there.

3. Benang Stokel waterfall, Aik Berik, Central Lombok.

Benang Stokel Waterfall has a twin’s waterfall‚ and both of them have a good panorama if you want go to get swim. Only one differentiate of both waterfall‚ Beside left was higher than beside Right‚ and of course the water was more Strong to falling in down.

If you want go there‚ We need  30 minute from the opening door by walk and you will find out stairs. You can find out more than 100 stairs to came in Benang Stokel waterfall‚ As you know that if you love for adventure life‚ You must go to Benang Stokel waterfall‚ because it made you to tested your adrenaline. The panorama of the forest is better than other‚ The water of Benang Stokel is come from the water of Rinjani Mountain.

4. Benang Kelambu waterfall, Aik Berik, Central lombok.

If you go to benang stokel waterfall‚ Don’t forget to come to benang kelambu waterfall‚ because it was near‚ We could go to benang kelambu by one door with benang stokel waterfall. Once again we sayed if you go to benang kelambu waterfall you must prepare your mentality and physically‚ because you will passed a dangerous way‚ The way to go to benang kelambu was same like when you were hiking at the rinjani mountain‚ You need 30 minutes to go there started from benang stokel waterfall.

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